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Your True Weight And Why It Is OK To Ignore The Number On The Scale

May 1, 2014

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Whether the goal is to tighten the belt or to gain a few pounds, the scale has the power of messing with your mind.

How has an inanimate object gained so much influence over people’s attitudes and the way they look at themselves? Fact is, the scale is a very valuable tool in any weight-loss or gain journey, but to what extent?

Wrong reasons for hating the scale

Usually when people start a new diet, they get overexcited that first week when they lose a few pounds. This is just an illusion, because in reality while they lost some body fat, a lot of the actual weight loss came from losing water after lowering carbs consumption.

When they check the scale next week and the weight loss is next to nothing compared to the first week, disappointment and rage soon follow. Also a very common mistake people make is using the scale too frequently. Weighing yourself multiple times per day or even once daily is not going to do you any favors.

The time to avoid the scale

Every time you eat a heavy meal, the scale is going to go up a couple of pounds. But that doesn’t mean you gain that much body fat just from eating so much food. A more likely explanation is that your blood volume has increased in order for you to digest, and a great part of that meal is still in your digestive system.

Dietary choices and activity levels both factor into the number on the dial. The same ways you can gain a couple of pounds by eating a big meal, you can lose a few just by going to the bathroom.

What to do instead?

Instead of feeding the obsession of measuring your progress with numbers, do the completely opposite: get rid of the scale. Many people released themselves from the stress of the scale’s “judgment” just by not using it. A better solution would be choosing a pair of pants and keeping track of how they fit you.

Excess exercising and starving yourself can take a toll on your immune system and sleep quality, so don’t push yourself about it. There is a great difference between being your “ideal” weight and feeling good and healthy.

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