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Workout Tips From Rumor Willis’ Personal Trainer

January 13, 2015


Rumer Willis dazzled everyone at the Golden Globes with her amazing figure, which she proudly flaunted in front of the entire Hollywood elite.

And who could blame her, that girl has a seriously good defined body.

But don’t think she just woke up like that; Rumer had to work hard for that sculpted body because, well, that’s how life works.

Now she is the target of envy for a lot of women, but there really is no need…since you too can have the body Rumer has with just a few tips to add to your fitness regime.

Mike Donavanik, Rumer’s personal trainer, shared his top fitness tips. If Rumer can do it, who says you can’t?

Set Goals That Matter

Mike Donavanik says that if you just start working out like crazy to get in better shape, you’re going to end up burning out and you won’t get any results, let alone those you aimed for.

Place a reason behind each goal. That way you’ll keep being motivated, even on those days when you feel like you can’t do anything. Make a list of the three goals that are most important to you and why and go after those first.

No Need For Long Hours In The Gym

According to Donavanik, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise to see change on your body. If you really focus and work hard, you can get the same amount of work done in 30 minutes. Working longer doesn’t give better results – working better does.

The Gym Is NOT The Only Option

There are plenty of other alternatives that won’t cost you a dime, so if you’re not a gym rat there’s no need to make yourself go somewhere you don’t feel comfortable. A happy mind equals a happy body. Also, you can always find some quality workout on the internet.

Everything Starts In The Kitchen

Mike Donavanik says that it’s 100 percent true that you can’t outrun a poor diet: “At the end of the day, it’s all “calories in” versus “calories out.”” Get rid of junk food in your home! If you don’t have them in your house, you will less likely eat them. Even the smallest dietary change can make a huge difference.

Always Be Up For Something New

Mix it up and keep it versatile! If you’ve been doing the same old workout routine for a while now, you’re not doing anything good to your body because it will get used to it and, basically, bored. Try out something new like a YouTube workout video, going outdoors, yoga, bicycle riding, or just about anything that will change things up so that you keep your body guessing.

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