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Workout Music Improves Fitness Results

December 11, 2015


All experienced gym-goers already know how positively music can affect the workout, but did you know that science agrees?

Music that we like can actually help us take more pain and work out for longer as our brain produces opioids that act similarly as morphine.

These elements explain why music has such a powerful effect on our body as we push ourselves that extra mile.

Research from McGill University in Montreal also shows that listening to music prompts our brain to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, thus making us happy campers at the gym.

If you throw dancing into the mix your resistance to pain caused by strenuous physical activity is even higher.

Scientists have tested individuals who listen to music as they work out and those who don’t, and their conclusion is that those who don’t listen to their favorite tunes use twice as much effort to complete their workout compared to those who enjoy music at the gym.

In other words, it is actually science that is encouraging you to blast the speakers, and nobody can argue with science!

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