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Work Out In Your Office Chair

June 4, 2015


For those of us who spend most of our days sitting in front of a computer, working, reading, researching, and so on, finding the clever ways to stay active is key when it comes to trying to nullify the effects of sitting.

During the summer months when you’re not wearing heavy boots, stretch your ankles a couple of time during the day. Rotate each ankle from left to right and change direction after about 10-15 seconds.

You can do a similar exercise for your wrists, which are doing most of the work if you’re typing all the time.

Stretch your shoulders and shoulder blades by rotating the shoulders backwards and change direction as you feel the tension decrease.

Do easy neck-stretching exercises, another body part that is at particular risk as well. Stretching your neck on a regular basis will also reduce tension in your back, as most back problems actually stem from neck problems.

Lower your chin and try to touch the chest bone with it. Turn your head to the right and lower you chin to touch the collar bone, and repeat on the left side. Rotate your neck ever so slowly, repeating these exercises every time you feel you could take a break from your work.

These same exercises can be applied on a plane, train and other similar places where you are expected to be in your seat for prolonged periods of time.

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