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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Stretching

June 18, 2015


Stretching is an important aspect of any comprehensive workout routine and although it doesn’t lead to bulk or rock-tight abs, it certainly helps you get there faster.

Muscles shorten as a result of weight training and regular stretching helps keep them long and lean.

Perhaps more importantly, stretching promotes flexibility, which is crucial for moving your body through the full range of motion while you exercise.

Stretching and warming up both your muscles and joints prepares your body for vigorous exercise, lowers the risk of injury, and enhances workout results.

Stretching before a workout will also help relax your muscles, which will in turn perform better as you exercise.

Stretching doesn’t only have to be linked to your workouts. In addition to weight training, you can do yoga a few times a week and have a more complete workout as a result.

Before any exercising, make sure you warm up your joints and avoid any strains.

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