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Why Squats Are Useless If You Don’t Have Strong Back To Match

July 7, 2015


Squatting is usually referred to as strictly leg exercise, but people often forget that proper barbell squatting doesn’t only require strong leg muscles, but also back made of steel.

Right Posture is Crucial

If you are a novice lifter, don’t go for the heavy bar straight away or you will lose your typical standing posture and compromise the exercise itself, not to mention that you can seriously hurt your back.

Once you get to the heavy bar, the effort you make in handling that obstacle is definitely worth its weight in gold, so to speak.

In order to cope with the weight properly, engage your upper back by applying tension through your hands, pulling the bar apart, while maintaining a high ribcage and not letting the bar force your body to collapse downwards.

Maintaining the upright posture is best done by keeping your back muscles as tight as possible, creating sort of a shelf for the bar with your traps. Lats are paramount her as strong lats enhance contraction and tightness through the rest of the posterior chain, making your back stronger and your squats safer.

If you don’t have strong enough back in order to achieve all this, here are some of the other exercises that will improve the stability and strengthen your lumbar region so you can prepare for barbell squats: Barbell Bent-Over Row, Inverted Row, Single Arm DB Row, Chin Ups.

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