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What Happens When An Injury Stops You From Working Out

December 10, 2014


Some of us have experienced the horror of an injury preventing us from working out. For those of us addicted to fitness who organize our time around going to the gym, the pool or to a yoga class, having to sit tight and wait for an injury to heal can be hell. The following tips can help you make the time pass quicker.

Find A Fitness Alternative

If your doctor forbade you to lift weights because of a back problem, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do other less taxing exercises.

For people who lift weights regularly, substituting the bench press for yoga, for instance, can seem like torture or a waste of time, but in reality, if you are addicted to working out and maintaining a certain fitness level, just because you can’t do what you like best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything at all.

Work Out At Home

People who like to work out at a gym or in a group class often find working out at home non-motivating or difficult to focus on. However, there are some basic exercises that can help us pass the time.

Depending on your injury, choose from an array of exercises, including push-ups, sit ups, stretching, body pulls, squats, and so on. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist before adopting any new routine.

Stretch In The Morning

Stretch every morning when you get out of bed to wake up your system and release any tension that may have been created after 6-8 hours of lying in bed. The less tension is in your muscles, the less stressed the entire body and mind. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds for it to be effective and set the stage for an active day.

When an injury prevents us from working out, missing the workout and having extra free time may be frustrating, but by following these tips the time might just pass faster and you can go back to your gym.

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