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Top 3 Most Underrated Exercises You’re Probably Skipping

May 31, 2017


With so many new pieces of gym equipment introduced almost on a daily basis, we sometimes forget about those good old fashioned moves that used to do wonders for our figure and strength.

Sometimes the very best exercise for you might just be the one you are always skipping.

If you feel like you’re treading water with your usual workout routine and you need some ‘new’ challenges for your strength and muscles, it might be time to revisit and rediscover some of the following moves.

3. The Rower

(Excellent for: quads, glutes, arms and back)

The rowing machine is definitely one of the most underrated ones in almost any modern gym. If you really want to take your athleticism to the next level, you will surely benefit from checking out The Rower.

“You can change the intensity of the exercise by playing with your stroke rate, adding in sprints to really target cardio or keeping a steady cadence to work on strength and power,” says Anja Garcia, trainer for Daily Burn’s Inferno program.

2. The Dead Bug


(Excellent for: Core)

This seemingly silly exercise will boost your core strength in no time. The Dead Bug is performed on your back and it engages your abs to resist extending your lumbar spine as you lower your legs to the floor.

Simply keep your back against the floor while raising and lowering both your legs and your arms.

See the how-to video here.

1. The Superman


(Excellent for: hamstrings, abs, lower and upper back muscles)

Although it is great for your abs as well, this move will do wonders for your back and improving your posture, which is a good thing as most of us tend to forget all about our lower back muscles when we choose our workout plan.

In fact, “[Supermans] are way more important than crunches,” says Jonathan Angelilli, fitness trainer and founder of TrainDeep, a holistic fitness system.

Here’s how to do The Superman.

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