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Top 3 Best Weight Loss Apps To Lose Weight Fast

September 5, 2017

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If you are among the people who have been trying to lose weight for years but with little success, you know just how real the struggle actually is.

Junk food and other unhealthy dietary options are all around us, while our busy work schedules are not helping us at all.

We are all aware that eating healthy and finding time for exercise is crucial, but sometimes we just need that extra push in the right direction.

Here we have 3 user-friendly apps to help you lose weight fast. We’ve selected these smartphone applications  based on their:

  • quality,
  • user reviews,
  • overall reliability.

Let’s app up!

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

No matter how annoying it might be in the long run, counting calories is necessary if you want to keep yourself on track with your diet plan.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal makes this chore-like activity much easier. The app has a database of over 5 million healthy foods and it lets you quickly enter and save your favorite weight loss meals.

It also connects to several other fitness apps and devices and allows you to import and track recipes found online. Pretty handy.

Available on iPhone and Android.

Lose It!

With Lose it! you will be able to come up with a fully customized weight loss plan based on the unique information you enter, so you know you are getting the special treatment.

This app helps you track your food intake, makes it easy for you to come up with a customized workout plan, and gives you an option of setting weight loss goals you would like to meet.

Another cool thing about this diet app is that it has an insight section that tells you more about the food you’ve logged, thus helping you get rid of the meals that hinder your progress.

Available on iPhone and Android.

Ideal Weight

In order to lose weight fast you need to know your BMI (body mass index). Now, thanks to Ideal Weight, you can get your BMI via an app.

Simply enter the numbers for your height and weight, and the app will calculate your BMI based on the parameters you’ve provided. It will also give you your ideal weight range so you know what to aim for with your weight loss diet and your workout plan.

Available on Android.

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