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Top 10 Unorthodox Workouts For Great Results


As great as our workouts can be we sometimes get bored with them and need new challenges. Our muscles get used to certain movements and require more stimulation. Luckily, the creative genius of fitness gurus worldwide never ceases to amaze and excite us with new workout ideas and programs.

Today we present the most unorthodox workouts to motivate us and get us to change our routine and bring our fitness levels to the new heights.

1. Parkour

Parkour is a French training discipline developed based on the military obstacle training and it is definitely not for the weak or timid.

It requires serious strength and complex sets of movements performed outdoors in parks and other suitable environments.

Parkour involves jumping, rolling, climbing, swinging, running and other seemingly basic types of movements performed in complex sequences for an urban, all-body workout.

Parkour is a fast-paced activity that uses one’s surroundings for exercise, be it moving across, over, under, through or around an obstacle. Parkour involves, for instance, jumping across relatively high walls, moving while hanging, jumping and landing on small surfaces, forward flips and similar acrobatic movements to enhance the workout and express creativity while doing it.

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The downside of parkour is that it often involves trespassing even though many practitioners see it as freedom as they express their ability to interact with the surrounding environment.

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