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Top 10 Anti-Muscle Foods


Muscle isn’t just hard to build, but also hard to maintain. Apart from quitting the gym, your age works against your muscle mass regardless of what you do. This is why it’s important to know which foods are capable of destroying muscle and turning it into fat – in that name, here are the top 10 anti-muscle foods.

1. Margarine

If there was ever a food that screamed ‘fat’ all over the place, it would be margarine. Mix that with having absolutely no benefits in terms of muscle, and you’ve got yourself one of the worst foods when it comes to maintaining your muscularity.

Let’s be clear here – butter and margarine are two completely different things. First off, they come from different sources, and more importantly, their nutritional value can’t even be compared.

While butter comes from milk and can actually aid in building muscle, margarine simply can’t.

Margarine is basically a cheaper version of butter which has been deprived of any health, weight, and muscle benefits and has been loaded with calories, fat and cholesterol – everything you don’t want in your food if your goal is maintaining your muscle mass.

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