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Tips For Clearing Your Schedule To Work Out

December 9, 2014


In today’s super-busy world, most people have a difficult time finding the work-life balance necessary to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Our physical health is best protected by eating right and exercising on a regular basis, so it’s crucial to find the time to work out at least twice a week. Following is a list of tips and tricks to clear your schedule and never miss a day at the gym again.

Approach Exercising As You Approach Your Work

Approach your gym class or a workout session the same way you approach a business meeting or a parent-teacher conference at your kids’ school.

If you are taking a group class that’s every Monday and Friday at 8PM, organize your other events of the day so that you are free to go to your class the same way you would organize your day if at 8PM you had a conference call with your manager or the president of the company.

Schedule Sessions With Trainer

When you schedule a session with a personal trainer or a group class instructor, you are more likely to leave room in your day to actually go to the gym.

Making that sort of commitment forces you to make the time and go, while just deciding to go to the gym on Tuesday may not be as strong a motivation as taking the time out of someone else’s schedule.

Speaking of which, when someone clears their busy schedule for you, you are less likely to cancel than if there was no appointment made.

Remove Potential Obsticles

Gyms that are far from your house or work and require a long commute are probably not a good idea if you have a busy schedule. Also, opting for a gym in an area that you frequent often for other reasons will help you save time as you can go run other errands after your workout and save yourself a few extra trips.

Not having enough time to exercise on a regular basis is a problem most people are faced with, but it’s our job to make the time. These tips are sure to help you be a regular at the gym or never miss your group class again.

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