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This Is When You Should NOT Stretch

December 17, 2015


Stretching is certainly an important element of every workout because it reduces the chance of an injury and helps your muscles recuperate faster after a long and grueling training session.

It also keeps you flexible, which in turn allows you to expand your workout and target even the smallest or the stubbornest muscles.

Still, it should be noted that stretching needs to be done right for the same reason it needs to be done at all, and that is to avoid the risk of getting hurt, but did you know that stretching before your workout produces absolutely NO benefits?

Stretching before a workout is often advised but it does nothing for you for one simple reason, and that is your muscles are cold and can’t really stretch that much. Stretching is the most beneficial after a workout but while your muscles are still warmed up from it.

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Even stretching during a workout can help you relieve tension and keep going. So warm up all of your joints and do a little bit of cardio prior to a workout, and leave stretching for later to get the most out of it.

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