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Think Big: 3 Useful Workout Tips For The Annoying Winter Season

December 9, 2016


We all want to look good and get lean until June. In order to do just that, you need to start working on it now. We know winter season is not exactly the most popular time for working out, so we decided to help by providing you with some useful winter season workout tips.

“Training hard and heavy” goes without saying, so we’ll skip that obvious one and move to something much more specific.

1. Don’t Overlook The Legs!

Legs are a must during the cold months. Standard leg training includes exercises like single-leg Romanian deadlifts, step-ups, and other similar moves, but winter time calls for some extra measures.

Over the next two months you will want to think big as it is all about compound lifts. Also, don’t forget the squats:

  • Quad Dominant (back squats, front squats)
  • Hip Dominant (sumo deadlift, trap bar deadlift, conventional deadlift)

2. The Strength-Aerobic Method

According to bodybuilding.com, this method is crucial when it comes to developing muscle fiber and getting ripped fast:

“The strength-aerobic method is a protocol which allows you to develop both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers in one awesome session. I understand muscle physiology—you can’t perform a lift without getting both slow- and fast-twitch fiber recruitment. But by changing the performance of an exercise slightly, you can focus more specifically on either the fast- or slow-twitch fibers.”

Strength-aerobic method:

  • Pick out a big lift like squats or bench presses
  • Push the weight on heavy sets (of five for example) until you become fatigued
  • Then move to tempo training

This method is typically used to develop those annoying slow-twitch muscle fibers.

3. Work Fast Or Don’t Work At All

In order to build muscle you need to work fast. Far too many trainees who want to get bigger simply don’t work fast enough in their training sessions and they end up lacking visible results.

Ian King, the famous strength coach, talks about something called “Neural-Metabolic” continuum:

“On one side of the continuum you have a more nervous-system-based program featuring more sets, fewer reps, longer rest periods. On the other side you have a more metabolic-focused program with fewer sets, more reps, and shorter rest periods.”

Long story short – if you want to build muscle properly you basically need to shorten your rest periods considerably.

Oh, and don’t forget to eat like hell!

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