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The Safety Rules Of Muscle-Building

April 28, 2015


Many people think having enough will and a good workout routine is all you need to build muscles.

However, they usually forget some of the simpler, yet no less important safety rules and soon find themselves in harm’s way.

If you want to avoid injuries that can stop you from training or even be extremely harmful, then check out these safety rules that should always be your number one priority when it comes to working out.

The Barbell Demise

Muscle-building commonly involves many barbell exercises. The barbell will become you best gym pal, but you will also tend to forget about certain dangers it can bring.

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First off, avoid the suicide grip. This is when you don’t wrap your thumb around the barbell while doing bench presses, and it can lead you to dropping the weight on your neck, face, chest or ribs. Using the suicide grip also puts a lot of stress on your wrists.

Another common barbell exercise is the squat. The danger lies in your feet rather than in your hands this time. Pointing your feet outwards while doing barbell squats can cause your knees to fail, making you lose your ground and fall with a heavy barbell on your shoulders.

Backing Up Your Goals

Let’s go back to the bench press once more. This muscle-pumping exercise is very efficient at what it does, but aside from the suicide grip, there is one more thing people often do that can lead to a very serious injury.

Whether they lack shoulder mobility or want to mimic an incline bench press, some guys bend backwards while on the bench. Not only is this the wrong way to do a bench press, but it also puts a lot of stress on your lumbar spine joints. If you don’t want to break your back in the gym, arch it upwards.

Finally, never forget to warm up. Going into full overdrive mode without warming up will most likely lead you to muscle pulls, strains, and failure. Mix these with heavy weights and you got yourself a pretty nasty situation.

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