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The No. 1 Exercise To Tone Your Arms

August 4, 2015


All the ladies at the gym have at some point wondered whether their exercises for upper arms are as effective as they could be.

The truth is, they are probably not because barbell triceps extensions, closed-grip bench press and overhead triceps extensions are not among the top exercises to get rid of the upper arm flab.

Scientists at the Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducted a study in which they tested 70 women as they performed various arm exercises to see which exercise produced the most results.

They attached electrodes to the women’s triceps to measure muscle activity and came to a rather interesting conclusion.

The No.1 arm exercise for women is definitely the triangle push-up because it registered the most muscle activity compared to all other exercises that were tested. What’s more, the triangle push-up requires no equipment and can be performed safely by practically everyone.


The triangle push-up is very similar to the traditional push-up as it can be done on your knees or toes. Instead of placing your arms right underneath your shoulders, make sure the tips of your forefingers touch to form the tip of the triangle and your thumbs touch to form its base. Perform the exercise like you would if you were doing a regular push-up and make your upper arm exercise routine as effective as possible.

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