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The Importance Of Goals In Training

April 13, 2015


No matter which exercises you do, working out can be hard. But if the physical stress isn’t enough, powering through like a mindless zombie without any particular goal in sight can be even more devastating.

This can lead to boredom, stagnation, and the lack of motivation. So if you don’t want to waste days in the gym due to not knowing what you want, here is why and how you should set up clear goals for your training regimen.

A Common Necessity

If you think only competitive athletes need goals, you’re wrong. Why go to the gym if you don’t really want to achieve anything?

Everyone needs something to look forward too, especially while training, since there are no instant results and working your butt off can be exhausting.

Even if you only want to become stronger, bigger, or leaner, you have a goal.

Achieving that goal is the only thing you think about while you’re doing your reps, and it keeps you on your feet and moving forward even when your muscles start failing.

Realistic And Detailed

Now that you know what a goal is and why you need it, it’s time to find out what your workout goal should look like. Having goal with a wide meaning can turn out to be frustrating, since “getting bigger” can always mean you aren’t big enough, and you don’t want to be stuck in this circle.

Instead, set a more specific and realistic goal for yourself. For example, dropping 10 pounds or gaining 1 inch in your pecs are reasonable achievements which you can strive for. And once you’ve accomplished a feat like this, you’ll feel motivated instead of frustrated to progress even further.

Also, deadlines can help. If you can work well under pressure, setting a time-limit for achieving a certain goal can help you stay motivated and devoted.

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