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The Ideology Behind Weight Lifting: Smart And Strong Part 1

November 17, 2015


Although everyone has their own reasons for lifting weights, the ideology behind this popular fitness technique (that, in most cases, involves a gym) comes down to the same thing. If you like to know more about your favorite workout technique and you find that there’s place for a smart brain in a strong body, check out these facts about strength training that you may have not known.

Back Problems Be Gone

Contrary to popular misguided beliefs, weight lifting doesn’t cause back and joint problems. In fact, it decreases the chances for having them. Lifting (particularly lifting that involves multi-joint movements like lunges and squats) actually counteracts the effects of sitting improperly for hours (behind the wheel or over a desk).

Metabolism Boosting

Lifting can boost your metabolism even more than running, according to some professionals, and that especially counts for the resting metabolic rate. Yes, that means that you burn calories at a high rate even when you’re not exercising, including the time you sleep!

High Quality Bones

Weight lifting has been known as one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis for some time.

Humans lose bones mass and muscle as they age, which makes them really prone to developing this serious condition.

By making your muscles stronger and bigger as you do strength training, you bones will also get a nice makeover as they are the “framework” that supports muscles.

A Healthy Heart

Many studies have shown that seniors with more muscle mass are less likely to die of various heart diseases. With that in mind, it’s pretty straightforward how lifting makes your heart healthier – by boosting blood flows and decreasing blood pressure.

Burn Fat Quicker And Better

All anaerobic activities, which includes weight lifting, are much better than steady aerobic exercises when it comes to fat burning.

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