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The Best Workout Songs Of All Time

November 13, 2015


When you’re feeling a bit low and you can’t find it in you to do your workout regime, music is usually the best way to pump yourself up and get motivated for getting that body healthy! Out of all the songs in the world, these few are the ones that will surely get you energized in no time.

Fight The Power – Public Enemy

When you’re in the gym or on the track, you need the best mindset to get in the game. Public Enemy’s Fight The Power has explosive, angry, and relentless lyrics accompanied by the best sweat-bursting beat that will get you into the fighting fat mode.

Enter Sandman – Metallica

Starting off slowly, but quickly getting into the whole ultimate fighter atmosphere, Metallica’s Enter Sandman is an excellent choice for fighting the urge to stay fat.

You can easily imagine yourself with your goal figure while listening to this powerful song.


Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

This song wasn’t made for play-dates at your neighborhood jungle gym – it was made for some heavy sweating and mad workout skills.

Welcome To The Jungle, performed by Guns N’ Roses, is an absolute favorite when it comes to fighting your way to the top in your jungle of steel – the gym.

Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor

Who can say no to this ultimate workout classic? This songs was made for a workout movie scene, and thus it remains at the top of the exercise soundtrack game. If it worked for the legendary Rocky, why wouldn’t it work for you? Survivor’s huge 80’s classic Eye Of The Tiger is more than just a song – it’s a lifestyle.

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