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The Best Ways To Fully Take Advantage Of Leap Day

October 21, 2016


Leap years are awesome! Having an extra day in the year makes you feel like you can make everything work since you have some “spare time.” If you’re a fan of physical activity in general, this extra day is the perfect choice for kicking your fitness game up a notch.

Experiment With Something New

Whether you’ve been thinking about trying out a new workout or a whole fitness program, this day is the perfect day to do it. You won’t damage your regular routine and you won’t spend the time you don’t really have on learning something that you might not like.

Perfect The Things You Do

Workout routines are, as the name suggests, routines. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal that you start doing them on autopilot.

Alas, it’s always a good thing to check yourself out in the mirror every once in a while to see whether you’re still doing a move properly.

This leap day, position yourself in front of the mirror and be the harshest workout critic ever.

Stretch Like Crazy

Squeezing exercise into your life is hard as it is, but trying to stretch before and after the workout is basically an unattainable goal. When you’re pressed for time, stretching is usually the first thing that you’ll kick out of your daily schedule. Use this leap day to pamper your muscles with some much needed stretches.

Harder, Better, Longer

You may not be able to double your workout circuit even on leap day, but you can at least add a few extra minutes for each workout. Also, use this day to work on your physique harder than you usually do. Just think of all the extra calories you’ll burn today!

Bring It Down A Bit

Another great way to use leap day is to bring things down a bit and use the extra 24 hours for yoga, a slow jog, pilates, or any other physical activity that doesn’t involve hard core cardio movements.

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