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Take Care Of Your Knees During The Winter

December 22, 2015


Winter hibernation can make your knees particularly vulnerable as they are strained due to decreased activity.

Taking care of your knees will help you stay in shape and be able to tackle more difficult types of exercises that will give you longer lasting results.

One of the easiest ways to care for your knees in the winter when there isn’t much physical activity is to leave the weights for sunny days and focus on movement.

Walk, jog, swim and cycle to keep your knees moving as much as possible and avoid any pain and discomfort that can come from too much sitting in front of the TV, computer, and let’s face it, dinner table at various parties this time of year.

Your shape will determine the state your knees and other joints are in, and the higher your fitness level, the stronger your knees. Help yourself by staying active as much as possible, while avoiding team sports that require sudden movements in the winter, such as basketball, unless, of course, you spend at least 15 minutes warming up all of your joints.

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