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Bicep-Building Tips

Let’s face it – no matter what they plan for today, people will work on their biceps the most. It’s what gives men their muscular outline and what helps the ladies avoid having flabby arms. But building your guns isn’t ...

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Weight Lifting – Training Tips

If you are a beginner at lifting weights, you are at the right place. Here we have some useful tips on how to make your new training program more effective. Staying Hydrated First things first. Make sure you drink the ...

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Workout Tips From Rumor Willis’ Personal Trainer

Rumer Willis dazzled everyone at the Golden Globes with her amazing figure, which she proudly flaunted in front of the entire Hollywood elite. And who could blame her, that girl has a seriously good defined body. But don’t think she ...

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18 Myths About the Gym

Ever since being in shape became cool again, gyms have raged back onto the scene. However, gone are the days of the little spot around the corner here all the local boxers train. No, today we have super gyms that ...

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