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Getting Lean With The Sprinting Trick

If you’re serious about getting lean—really serious—then you should seriously consider implementing sprints into your routine. Yes, bona fide, fast-as-you-can, run-like-something-is-chasing-you sprints. Sure, those treadmill runs might be cozy and familiar but that’s just another reason why you should shake ...

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Running Leads to a Calmer Mind and a Slim Figure


Many people go out and run or jog for various reasons, the most common of which is to get in shape. Not only does running burn, on average, more calories than just about any other exercise, but if you go ...

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18 Myths About the Gym

Ever since being in shape became cool again, gyms have raged back onto the scene. However, gone are the days of the little spot around the corner here all the local boxers train. No, today we have super gyms that ...

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45 minutes a day for a lifetime in shape

All too often a friend of mine gives some lame excuse as to why he isn’t in shape. This seems to be the case with many people out there today. The problem is that when people hear the phrase “work ...

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Losing the Love – Getting Rid of Your Love Handles

When it comes to your body, whether you’re male or female, having more to love isn’t always a good thing. Love handles specifically can be a pretty frustrating area of the body to work off. Contrary to their name, nobody ...

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Dancing the Weight Away

Dancing is an art form that has been with humanity ever since the beginning. It is used in many different ways throughout the world. Dance can be used to attempt to assuage an angry god or make the rain come, ...

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Making the Cut and Ditching the Gut: Losing the Beer Belly

It is a problem that many men, and some ladies, suffer from. When in the course of enjoying your brew to a good game on the tube, or outside during a cookout, you may or may not have noticed a ...

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