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The No.1 Benefit Of Doing Yoga On A Regular Basis

Doing yoga can alleviate back pain, improve balance, boost you metabolism, build muscles and strengthen your spine, just to name a few. By doing yoga on a regular basis, you are increasing your physical fitness and building your core muscles, ...

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Work Out In Your Office Chair

For those of us who spend most of our days sitting in front of a computer, working, reading, researching, and so on, finding the clever ways to stay active is key when it comes to trying to nullify the effects ...

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Pre-Workout Mistakes You Need To Avoid

When you’re following a hard-core workout regimen, there are certain things that seem trivial at first that can destroy your efforts. These things happen aside from your exercises, and can occur both before and after working out. It’s the “before” ...

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15 Exercises To Slow Down The Aging Process

Exercising on a regular basis improves mental and physical health, brings balance and energy into our lives and has anti-aging effects that everyone loves. Anti-aging exercises can range from low-to high-intensity workouts, done indoors or outside in the sun, and ...

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Stretching To Relieve Back Pain

Spending hours and hours on end every day in a sitting position puts a strain on your back, regardless of how comfortable your chair may be. The sitting position is an unnatural position in the animal world that humans resort ...

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What Happens When An Injury Stops You From Working Out

Some of us have experienced the horror of an injury preventing us from working out. For those of us addicted to fitness who organize our time around going to the gym, the pool or to a yoga class, having to ...

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