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7 Easy Body Sculpting Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

All our trainers at Workout Plan have joined forces and came up with 7 surefire yet simple body sculpting tips to help you get that coveted toned and trim physique we all dream about.

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This Is When You Should NOT Stretch

It should be noted that stretching needs to be done right for the same reason it needs to be done at all, and that is to avoid the risk of getting hurt, but did you know this?

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15 Most Underrated Exercises

Each era has its own popular exercises and fitness routines as well as those which fall out of favor but inevitably make a come back sooner or later. Some exercises are heavily underrated, which is a shame because they are ...

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Why Stretching After Running Is A Must

We have stressed the importance of running time and again but in order to reap all the benefits it’s crucial that you stretch for at least 30-40 minutes after each running session. Why? Well, because as healthy as running is ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Stretching

Stretching is an important aspect of any comprehensive workout routine and although it doesn’t lead to bulk or rock-tight abs, it certainly helps you get there faster. Muscles shorten as a result of weight training and regular stretching helps keep ...

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