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10 Simple Ways To Make Any Exercise Harder

harder workout

Exercise isn’t meant to be easy. Lying on the couch eating chips is easy, and that’s probably why you need to exercise. There needs to be sweat, aching muscles and a burn the morning after. You’re putting your body through ...

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Looking Strong Vs Being Strong, a.k.a. Mass Building Vs Strength Building

You may have seen a guy in a bodybuilding competition with huge bulging muscles and naturally assumed that he was extremely strong. As a child, you may have watched that old school cartoon “Popeye the Sailor Man” and assumed that ...

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11 Tips For Sticking To Your Exercise Despite Your Allergies

It can be tough to get through the day with allergies, let alone try to exercise. Still, exercise is vital to good health. Using these tips can get you through your routine safely and with less discomfort. 1. Take medication, ...

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Grenade’s Brutal Workout

When you are just getting started with weight training, it is important to take things slow. When you lift weights, you tear down and build up your muscles, and that process can take some time. Trying to do too much ...

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4 Affordable Pieces Of Exercise Equipment Every Home Needs

Getting into shape hurts. It’s hard work. You sweat. Your muscles ache. There’s no way to avoid the pain. That’s not what they say on the commercials, of course. An entire industry of scam artists is on the air every ...

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