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Giving Leg Day A Serious Boost

Skipping leg day is bad, and everyone learned it by now. But does that means you have work on your legs to the point where you can’t stand on your own anymore? Yes. It doesn’t have to be as hard ...

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Dipping For A Bigger Chest

Dip with rings

As long as you’re busting your hump to achieve bigger arms and a thicker chest, you may as well add some strength and power. While pull-ups are the ultimate measure of upper-body pulling strength, nailing a few deep dips with ...

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Upgrade Your Squat Routine

Squat day is the one exercise that a lot lifters don’t get right. Too often you see the wannabe powerlifter hit some sets of squats and then head over to the leg curl and leg extension machines. While these might ...

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Quads Of Steel

People are going to skip leg day from time to time. We can’t help that. But we can help tighten the noose on the list of available excuses. So you’re short on time? How about one killer quad workout that ...

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300 Gets an Overhaul Part 2

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures Ever since the release of the movie, many and more have once again become infatuated with the idea of looking like a Spartan. However, unlike the original 300, trainer Mark Twight had to train up ...

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300 Gets an Overhaul, Including its Workout Part 1

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures When the first 300 movie got released back in 2007, the amount of ripped out guys in the movie got everybody wondering what kind of fitness regime they worked under. Gerard Butler, who played King ...

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Squats Vs Leg Presses – Which Is Better?

man gym thinking

A number of personal trainers, strength coaches and gym rats advocate the leg press over the squat for perfectly healthy athletes because of the risk-to-benefit ratio and increased performance. But is the leg press really safer than the squat? Which ...

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