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10 Easy Exercises For Fantastic Legs You Can Do At Home

Building leg muscles is probably one of the biggest challenges any bodybuilder has to face when trying to achieve that coveted balanced figure and avoid having those funny-looking chicken legs beneath the bulky upper body.

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Top 10 Unorthodox Workouts For Great Results

As great as our workouts can be we sometimes get bored with them and need new challenges. Our muscles get used to certain movements and require more stimulation. Luckily, the creative genius of fitness gurus worldwide never ceases to amaze ...

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10 Worst Exercises For Middle Aged People

When you reach middle age, it’s time to start re-assessing the things you do on a daily basis and change them so they fit your life better from that point on. Middle age is a tricky time in one’s lifetime, ...

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8 Minute Squats & Push-Ups By Izumi Tabata

Looking for a simple cardio to burn fat in just 8 minutes on a daily basis? Your search might just be over with this high intensity exercise by Dr. Izumi Tabata that combines push-ups and squats. Birth of the Exercise ...

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Never Skip A Leg Day – Reaching Your Max Daily Squat

Squats are all about cumulative volume. The more frequently you do them, the stronger your legs will become. It is that simple. However, beware of the fact that this method requires about 4 times more squats than you are used ...

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