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Top 15 Workouts For Muscle Building

Everyone who goes to the gym has some sort of goal which usually involves getting bigger and bulkier. Building massive muscles or just those that are noticeable under a shirt requires plenty of time and effort, but above all, the ...

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Pick Squats Over Leg Presses

Machine-bound exercises can be tempting, as they make building certain muscles a breeze. Who would say ‘no’ to something that will help them isolate and focus on something they would spend months working on otherwise? Take leg presses for example ...

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Weight And Strength Workout For Beginners – Part 1

This workout plan is designed primarily for individuals who have never lifted weights before or are very inexperienced at this type of training. As unconditioned beginners have less integrity and stability in the joints and core, the majority of exercises ...

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Giving Leg Day A Serious Boost

Skipping leg day is bad, and everyone learned it by now. But does that means you have work on your legs to the point where you can’t stand on your own anymore? Yes. It doesn’t have to be as hard ...

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How To Burn More Fat In The Gym

No one walks into the gym wanting to burn just a few calories. But no one really has the time or the energy for logging more miles and more minutes than we already are, either. Getting to the gym is ...

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Let the Rock Teach You How to get Ripped like Hercules: Part 3

Dwayne Johnson

In this third and final segment, we will be focusing on Friday and Saturday, or how the Rock calls them, shoulders and another leg day. Many bodybuilders tend to forget their legs, and when they do the look their physique ...

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