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Foam Roller – Your New BFF When It Comes To Muscle Soreness

One of the biggest obstacles for a new fitness enthusiast to overcome is the soreness that comes with using muscles that haven’t been used in decades. The foam roller is a fitness tool that is used by athletes in physical ...

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Working The Pole – Transforming Your Body With Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is the latest craze in fitness for women (though some men participate in it, too). It has an unparalleled reputation for transforming the body quickly through calorie burning, strengthening, and toning. Once the provenance of secretive classes given ...

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Yoga For Weight Loss?

Losing weight is very difficult for most people. In fact, 95 percent of the people who embark on a diet either don’t lose a significant amount of weight, or they regain the weight they lost within five years according to ...

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Introduction To Strength Training For Women

When you read almost any website geared toward women’s fitness, it is so full of cardio exercises. Running, aerobics, elliptical trainers and dancing are all great forms of exercises. But, they all just work your legs and maybe your gluteal ...

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Get A Bootylicious Butt In A Month With These 13 Easy Exercises


A pretty face and great cleavage are not enough. To be considered truly beautiful, a woman needs to look as good from the back as the front. Whether you plan to wear a bikini or a ball gown, and whether ...

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7 Reasons Why Women Should Weight Train

Weight training is a type of strength training and conditioning regime that allows for the development of strength in various areas of the body and in the size of skeletal muscles. Weight training works by using dumbbells, weight stacks, weighted ...

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