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5 “Diet” Foods That Are Actually Making You Fat

Healthy nutrition is often all about marketing and how well a certain product can be sold. It can be full of all sorts of lies, myths and misconceptions, and sometimes it takes years, even decades for people to figure out ...

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The Best Outer Thigh Workouts For Perfectly Sculpted Legs Part 1

Much like their storage fat “neighbors,” outer thighs are incredibly difficult to deal with. Luckily, there are some amazing exercises you could do, which are perfect for trimming the nasty fat right off of your outer thighs.

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Increase Your Metabolism After The Age Of 30

Your metabolism slows down after the age of 30 and the sooner you accept this fact the sooner you’ll start to help your body burn excess calories faster.

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Build The Abs Of A Goddess With The Hanging Leg Raise

Shedding belly fat is one thing, but building abdominal muscle is something else. While some exercises are great for getting rid of that persistent fat, you have to utilize a completely different set of moves if you want to build ...

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Losing Weight Through Yoga

As most of us know, yoga is a great tool when it comes to relaxing, relieving stress, and achieving a certain figure. However, it’s also a good way to lose some weight, especially if you do one of these poses! ...

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