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3 Easy-To-Do Exercises To Tighten Your Body After Weight Loss

Losing weight is extremely hard, and even if we do manage to trim our body and shed a few pounds, another problem emerges – tightening our body and getting rid of loose skin. If you succeeded in your quest to ...

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Gain Muscles With Cable Exercises

Although free weights are masters of building mass, they aren’t the only way to do that. Besides teaching basic movement patterns to beginners, machine workouts are really efficient when it comes to augmenting all strength you previously had. Speaking of ...

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Gliding Down the Pole… for Fitness?

A stripper pole means different things to different people. Some see it as a way to make money, others as a symbol of a less than savory life. More interestingly, though, are the people who look at a dance pole ...

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Yoga Helps Balance a Rigorous Workout

If you are a gym nut, a fitness jock, a physique fanatic, then chances are you have already got every day of the week marked down for some specific part of the body to be exercised. Whether it is your ...

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