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This Exercise Will Actually Get You Smarter

You want an exercise that will put both your body AND your mind into overdrive? Weightlifting might just be your thing. A recent study suggests engaging in regular weightlifting could actually make your brain work better and even prevent Alzheimer’s ...

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The 7-Move Exercise That Works Every Muscle In Your Body Part 1

If you’ve decided to get your body game on for this year’s spring and summer season, this is the perfect time to try out this extremely effective 7-move workout that works every single muscle in your body.

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The No. 1 Exercise To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Those of us who suffer from chronic back pain are well aware that one of the best ways to fight off the painful symptoms is exercise. Mild exercise, that is, as weight lifting and other strenuous activities can make things ...

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How Regular Running Can Improve Your Health

Running for 30 minutes every day can have far wider health benefits than any assistance modern medicine can provide. Not only is running crucial for losing and maintaining healthy weight, it also prevents a host of other problems, from type ...

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Losing The Baby Weight: Here’s What To Do

With the baby getting stronger the time has finally come for you to start battling that excess baby weight and start getting back to normal as much as possible. Months of caring for the baby have certainly put a toll ...

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Know Your Routine – How Much Exercise Is Enough For Me?

First of all, you need to figure out what your goals are. According to David Bassett, Jr., PhD, a professor in the department of exercise, sport, and leisure studies at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, there are 3 main ...

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