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Do The Standing Crunch For A Supernova Core

As you might know, almost all the strength you posses comes directly from your core. That being said, it’s easy to comprehend why core exercises are so important and why exercising your core is so damn hard. But fear not, ...

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10 Worst Exercises For Middle Aged People

When you reach middle age, it’s time to start re-assessing the things you do on a daily basis and change them so they fit your life better from that point on. Middle age is a tricky time in one’s lifetime, ...

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10 Exercises You Should Do For The Rest Of Your Life

As you age, you may not be able to run marathons like you used to, but some exercises are simply more efficient than others. Your age isn’t to blame if you’re slacking with your workouts. It’s no surprise that regular ...

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The Science Behind Muscular Abs

Abs diet

“Abs aren’t made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen”. That saying holds true for any body part as a matter of fact. There is no such thing as “spot reduction” – if you want to lose your ...

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15 Exercises to do at Home for Ripped Abs

Going to the gym is a real pain-in-the-rear, especially if it has been awhile since you have exercised. Even though it is a myth, going to the gym can make many feel ultra-self-conscious because they imagine all the regulars seeing ...

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How to Prep for the Gym Before Joining

If you haven’t been to the gym in a long time, or even at all, then there are some things you should probably do for yourself first before rushing off to hit the weights. A gym is a serious place. ...

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