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7 Ways To Gain Muscle Even If You Are Skinny

1. Eat More Food When people indicate they have difficult time gaining muscle, it is traditionally because they’re not eating enough. By eating more and monitoring your calorie intake, you can start increasing the amount of energy your body absorbs and ...

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8 Reasons High-Intensity Interval Training Should Be Part Of Your Workout

If your usual workout routine has turned tedious or less effective, it may be time to give yourself a boost. Incorporate high-intensity interval training into your workout plan and watch how you shed fat and build muscle quickly. HIIT alternates ...

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5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Workout

You’re looking good running on the treadmill and pumping that iron. But are dumb mistakes hurting you and making your workout less effective than it should be? If you are putting all that time and effort into getting in shape, ...

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