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Celeb Tips: Kendall Jenner’s ‘Toned Abs’ Pre-Vacation Workout (Video)

Kendall Jenner's ‘Toned Abs’ Pre-Vacation Workout

You should definitely try these amazingly useful abs exercises Kendall Jenner and her big sister do before their every summer trip! As one might suggest, being a part of the Kardashian family means doing A LOT of traveling. Kendall Jenner ...

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Add Weights For Tougher Abs

Building muscle and staying lean is never an easy task, especially once you start focusing on your abdominal muscles. There are many exercises that can help you build your abs, but only a few are actually effective and able to ...

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Build Washboard Abs With The Medicine Ball

No matter what your initial goal was, once you get to the gym, you won’t be able to resist doing at least one abs exercise while you’re there. Having strong and defined abs is a common goal for men and ...

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Core Strength – The Importance Of Strong Lower Back

String core is not just visible and hot six-pack. In order to develop a solid foundation for a stronger body, one needs to pay attention to the other side of the “core medal”, and that is powerful lower back as ...

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The No. 1 Exercise For Stronger Abs

Endless crunches with or without equipment perfectly designed to build your abs and burn the tummy fat right off are certainly useful and should be incorporated into a comprehensive exercise routine. Such exercises are beneficial and need not be ignored. ...

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Get Rid Of That Pouch And Carve A V-Cut: Lower Abs Workouts For Beginners

Here’s a surprise: lower abdominal muscles aren’t actual muscles! They are the lower section of the rectus abdominis (the six-pack muscles) combined with the lower external obliques. Well, you learn something new every day. The lower ab fat is the ...

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Get Ripped Abs Before Summer Ends

Summer is almost over, but that’s no excuse to get lazy. It’s time to work those abs harder than ever. Lucky for you, these three ab workouts will get you shredded in no time. Add these three ab exercises to ...

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