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Slow Tips For A Sure Weight Loss

January 4, 2016


The holiday season can hit us pretty hard, whether we’re in training or not. Having at least three heavy Christmas meals a day overshoots our daily caloric needs by a lot, which means that this is the period where all those extra calories need to go away.

However, instead of powering through sets and sets of exercises, we bring you a couple of tips that will let you lose any excess weight as simply as putting the fork down.

Stepping On The Brakes

Weight management and muscle building might end with a hard day at the gym, but it all starts right there on your plate.

Consuming food is the first step of the metabolic cycle, and if you want to maintain a healthy number on the scale, you should attack the cycle at its very beginning.

Step one – don’t be a conformist. This applies to the exact location where you’re eating: for example, if you’re sitting where the food is being served, you’re more likely to go for seconds.

But if you have to get up to get another serving, you have a chance to think about if you want another plate of food or not.

Step two – smarter plates. Believe it or not, using smaller plates while eating helps a lot when it comes to portion control. The same amount of food will seem bigger when on a smaller plate, so use this to your advantage.

Final step – smarter cutlery. This is where you make it or break it: as the case is with plates, cutlery that is more complicated to use will increase the time you need to consume a meal. Simply put, swap in your fork for a pair of chopsticks.

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