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Slim Down For The Holidays Without Losing A Pound

December 14, 2014


With Christmas just around the corner, holiday parties, get togethers and New Year’s Eve are all events that require us to be in top shape, looking slim and sleek. For those of us who always struggle with losing those extra 5-10 pounds, here are a few tips on how to hide our problem areas without losing a pound.

Pick The Right Type of Attire

Regardless of what the scale says about our weight, picking the right attire is the best way to showcase our strong suits and hide those areas we wish would disappear forever.

For a not-so-flat tummy, it is recommended to wear a slim top, shirt or dress with a blazer as an absolute must.

A blazer gives us that hourglass shape, visually slims down our waist and makes us look thinner that we actually are.

Don’t forget high heels, but make sure they are comfortable enough so they don’t affect your posture in a bad way.

Do A Detox The Day Before

We should really watch what we eat the day before a big party to make sure foods that cause bloating don’t get past our mouth. Drinking plenty of water, green tea, eating soup and basically focusing on liquids instead of solid foods is guaranteed to make us look and feel slimmer.

Some people would even go as far as fasting for a few days, avoiding all foods that contain fat, such as dairy products and meat. The point is not to starve ourselves, but it’s important to remember that if we cut down on calories we need to drink plenty of water, over 10 cups a day, and we’ll be healthier and slimmer, and not just around the holiday season.

Keep Alcohol Consumption In Check

The holidays are definitely that time of year when most people have days off work, lots of company parties and end-of-the year celebrations.

Unless you are with a bunch of really close friends who have seen you at your worst and nobody cared, keep your alcohol consumption in check over the holidays to avoid unwanted behaviour in front of your boss at a company party, reduce the bloating, and keep a straight and proud posture.

As a depressant, alcohol’s initial effect is to lessen our inhibitors but eventually it makes us feel sleepy and drowsy, and no one looks slim when they are drowsy!

Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis should be part of our daily routine, but in case all else fails, there is always a few tricks to make us look slimmer when we need it.

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