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See Katy Perry Nail Her Coachella Workout On Instagram

May 12, 2017

Katy Perry

Although many A-list celebrities tend to keep their workout routines under wraps, some like to share their exercise plans with their loyal fans.

Katy Perry, luckily, is the latter.

Since the singer is definitely one of the best looking and sexiest people in the bizz, we are happy to be able to share some of her moves with you.

Katy Perry took to Instagram recently to share her workout video when this weekend’s Coachella festivities started, and instead of singing and performing in her clip, the songstress decided to have a good time and show us one of her favorite workout bits.

Sculpting Like A Boss

The gorgeous Katy posted a slo-mo video captioning it: “Sculpting cc: @elliegoulding.” Now, as we all know that Ellie Goulding is also known to be a babe herself, could this caption mean that these two stars are actually gym buddies?

That would be pretty awesome though.


The Speed Skater

The move Katy is performing in the video is known as The Speed Skater. It is a plyometric type of exercise excellent for working your:

But what are plyometrics exactly?

In layman’s terms, plyometrics are exercises during which jumping is involved. This interesting category also includes any exercise where you stretch a muscle and then contract it again quickly. Think kettlebell swing or v-up.

Plyometrics are perfect for people who are already pretty active, but need to or step up their results a little bit.

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