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Recovering From Injuries 101

April 7, 2015


The term “workout” certainly earned its name. No matter which methods or techniques you use, it’s hard work for your muscle, bones, and nerves.

Aside from being hard, exercising can in some cases even be dangerous. Improper movement or stance can lead to pain and injuries, which nobody in their right mind wants to experience. Nonetheless, these things can happen.

But instead of powering through the pain or trying to test out what exactly happened, here are a couple of tips on what to do when you suffer a workout injury.

Approach With Caution

Imagine yourself doing some serious bench pressing. You get to a certain rep and suddenly you feel like your arm is tearing itself apart.

First you think it’s the muscle burn, but then you realize it hurts so bad you can’t even bring the bar up to the pins.

This is an example of a muscle tear. In case you encounter it, you should never, ever try to make an exercise movement to locate the site of the tear.

Drop the weights immediately and observe the symptoms, as these are better at telling you how bad your injury is.

Talk to someone with some fitness experience for advice, and make sure you go to the doctor. DIY is not recommended in cases of workout injuries as it can lead to even greater damage rather than recuperation.

Several Months Later…

Although hurting yourself while exercising can be painful, the real consequences of these events come much later. To be precise, you’ll see the worst part of your exercise injury once you actually go back to training.

Every time you engage the muscle in question, you’ll feel pain and discomfort. This is normal but also very discouraging, but don’t let yourself fall under the influence – the injured muscle needs to be reactivated, so make sure you include it into your regimen.

However, keep both eyes open. You wouldn’t want to stop the recovery process by damaging your muscles again, so replace your previous exercises with their milder variations.

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