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Recovering From Heavy Lifting Injuries

April 24, 2015


If the gym has become your second home and the main goal of every day you spend there is to build strength and size, then you know how much time you spend lifting heavy loads on various machines.

Although this can be rewarding, it can also be very dangerous. Lifting a barbell from any position can lead you to injuries, so here are a few tips on how to recover from heavy lifting injuries.

The General Rule

Once you’ve received an injury while you were working out, getting back in the game might get difficult at first.

But as long as you remember the main rule of recovering from injuries, you’ll be able to get back in working condition in no time.

And that main rule goes something like this: if you want to deal with a training injury, do the exercises similar to those that hurt the most.

Reduce the range of motion or your stance while doing a move that brings you pain and you’ll help your body work on that spot with more efficiency.

The Deadly Trio

Now that we’ve covered the basic rule of recovering from injuries, here are a few specific things you can do to speed up the recovery after getting a heavy lifting injury.

First off we have the bench press. The strong man’s go-to exercise can bring great results, but if you get injured here, your whole routine will suffer greatly. Usually, your shoulders can get damaged during bench pressing, and if that happens, try staying away from the bench for a while.

In the meantime, you can practice having a closer grip or keeping your strength up with pushups.

Next up is the barbell squat. This is a bit trickier than the bench press, as it can damage your back, hips, knees, and ankles. If you get injured while barbell squatting, give your hips and hams a good stretch, and work on the regular squat until you are ready to grab the barbell again.

Finally, there’s the deadlift. This exercise can seriously hurt your lower back, in which case you can be in more trouble than staying away from exercising for some time. After suffering a deadlifting injury, try bringing the barbell up to below your knees.

This will help your back build endurance, because it’s easier to straighten your back while lifting heavy weights from your knees than from the floor.

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