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You Should Quit Adding Too Much Weight During These 3 Exercises

May 8, 2017

3 exercises

We all know that training with high loads can do wonders for those who want bulk up and gain strength quickly, but you also want to prevent your body from getting injured.

This is where figuring out the right amount of load for certain exercises comes in.

If you want to get better results and don’t want to leave your health to chance – you better stop going heavy on these 3 popular machines and moves.

Leg-Extension Machine

Although numerous rehab pros across the web claim that the leg-extension machine itself is to blame for all the knee-pain among those who lift, this is only partially true.

This machine is great if you seek leg strength and aesthetic improvements, but it needs to be used properly and intelligently.

This means you shouldn’t be “loading it to the gills and trying to hit triples with the entire stack loaded up,” as folks over at bodybuilding.com warn.

“When it comes to driving up the weights on the leg-extension machine knows, the more the load is increased, the more stress seems to travel directly to the sub-patellar space under the knee caps. We call this compensating with the joints instead of targeting the muscles.”

The Barbell Overhead Press

Overhead Press is THE way to go and you SHOULD train it hard, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are supposed to overload it.

Again, using this machine intelligently is paramount. This means loading it (probably) much lighter than one might think at first.

“If you can’t help but flare your lower back or crank on your shoulders during the military press, use a smarter pressing variation that is both safe and effective.”

The Leg Press

Another leg training move that requires thinking it through. With the leg press, you must avoid excessive loading and go with training in higher rep ranges, with more of a pump mindset.

And if you really want to get your lower limbs big, try combining the leg press with pre-exhaust superset techniques that will fatigue your glutes. This combo will allow you to “isolate the quadriceps without the need to pile on plates.”

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