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Quench Your Protein Needs With Nuts

May 26, 2015


No matter what eating regimen or workout plan you’re following in the goal of building muscle, one cardinal rule will always stand – you need protein. And if you want to avoid the risks caused by unsaturated fats from meat, plant protein is the best way to go.

There are a number of protein sources among fruits and vegetables, but you’ll want nuts in your diet as your main supplier of protein and healthy fats.

Magical Pistachios

While pistachios are considered as an exquisite treat in the world of nuts, there are more benefits to them than you think.

First off, a study from 2011 showed that people who leave pistachio shells in front of them throughout the day are more aware of how much calories they have consumed.

Aside from the visual help, pistachios are also able to improve our gut health.

Along with almonds, pistachios can positively affect the production of butyrate, a microbiota responsible for powering our colonic epithelial cells.

A Functional Family

It’s not only pistachios and almonds you can benefit from. Cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, and their cousins are also beneficial when it comes to dieting. It has been proven that nuts can increase your satiety, making you eat less without you actually knowing it.

Bottom line, tree nuts are generally a great snack for those who’d like to keep their waistline at check. Furthermore, they contain enough protein to fulfill your morning needs, so add some of these tiny nuts to your breakfast or pre-workout shake to get the most building blocks for your muscles.

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