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Pick Squats Over Leg Presses

April 16, 2015


Machine-bound exercises can be tempting, as they make building certain muscles a breeze. Who would say ‘no’ to something that will help them isolate and focus on something they would spend months working on otherwise?

Take leg presses for example – you lay down, you rest your upper body comfortably, and you just push weights with your legs.

However, if you still prefer doing most of the work by yourself with very little help from modern-day technology, here is why you should always opt out for a squat rather than a leg press.

More Than You Know

Even though the leg press works solely on your quads and hamstrings, the barbell squat will engage almost every other muscle in your body.

This can only lead to unexpected results, as you start gaining in strength and size in your legs as well as in your torso, shoulders, and arms.

And since the squat engages your whole body, you can also burn more calories this way than by lying down on a bench while only engaging your legs.

Don’t Forget Your Glutes!

While the leg press can be a flexible exercise, it will ignore one muscle group you don’t want to neglect – your glutes. Most people who do leg exercises only on leg presses have much stronger quads and hams than glutes, which makes them look like their butt deflated.

As we said before, the squat is an all-around exercise, and will take care of every significant muscle group, including your glutes.

Last, but no least, is core strength. Pushing a heavy barbell upwards with your whole body puts tremendous pressure on your core beside your legs, which will make you stronger than you planned. So why choose lying on the bench when you can do a squat and gain so many side benefits?

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