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No. 1 Trick For Better Results At The Gym

December 8, 2015


We live in the world obsessed with efficiency and getting as many things done in the shortest period of time while taking the shortest breaks possible.

Applying this strategy at the gym will not get you far, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

The no. 1 trick for improving your workout results is actually taking breaks. Even long breaks. And not just between reps but between the days when you go to the gym.

Exercising is an activity that helps keep our bodies healthier and causes muscle wear and tear, while giving those muscles the time to rest and recuperate is what produces the desired results we all strive for during those grueling cardio or weight-lifting sessions.

In other words, you shouldn’t exercise every day even if exercising is your favorite activity. Moderate exercise, which amounts to 2-4 times a week is something that will optimally produce the best results because it will give your muscles a chance to rejuvenate and produce the effect you’ve worked so hard for.

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