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More than Strength-How to be Tough

August 4, 2014

People today all have their reasons for wanting to get into shape. Either they’re too small, too large, or they are training for the biggest competition of their lives.

In all those cases, it is a great thing to find the motivation to want to be stronger. But all too often, we see men and women who are supposed to be strong, be they a professional athlete or that lady in the gym who can run for days.

It’s Not Physical, it’s Mental

Being strong and being tough are two very different things. All too often it isn’t the physical challenges in life that break a person down, but the emotional and mental issues that come along with walking around on this earth.

Some people may have that in-born iron will that allows them to deal with anything that life throws at them, but for the rest of us, finding the mental fortitude to stay strong can be trying at times.

So why write about life’s problems on a fitness website? Because there are great ways to cultivate a tougher mental attitude with good, old fashioned sweat.

It’s More than Pushing Yourself, It’s Pushing Your Boundaries

Don’t misunderstand; there is a certain degree of toughness and dedication that comes along with being a bodybuilder, or someone who is dedicated to fitness.

But unless you truly test yourself and put yourself outside of where you thought you would be comfortable, that is how to build true determination.

There is nothing more confidence-building then putting yourself into a situational unknown and finding that you are capable of overcoming it.

That doesn’t mean rush out into the wilderness with nothing but a knife and a pack of matches, though.

Start off small. When was the last time you went for a hike? Better than that, when was the last time you went on a hike when the snow is falling and you can see your breath?

Challenge yourself, and not the easy, “I’m going to lose 10 pounds,” or, “I’m going to go someplace new,” kind of challenges, but the real, gritty, “holy-cow-I-didn’t-know-I-could-do-that-I-AM –AWESOME,” kind of challenge.

I guarantee you, if you start taking on things you never knew you could, life will start to look a whole lot simpler.

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