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Milk Made From Algae: The New Dairy Alternative

April 8, 2014
Photo credit: Thinkstock

Photo credit: Thinkstock

A surprising new alternative to milk has emerged, and it is healthier than anything else on the market.

Algae has already been proven to be a vital part of solving the energy and food crisis that the world is facing today by being used in alternative fuels, omega – 3 dietary supplements, and livestock feed.

Now it is being used as a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to the dairy product we love to pour over our cereal.

Who is the brain behind this madness?

Solazyme, the leading pioneer in microalgae introduced Algae milk at the Natural Products Expo Convention. Solazyme released Algal flour in October, and Algae milk is made from this new Algal flour.

Solazyme does not simply make food products with Algae, they have led the game in innovations in oil (fuel), health sciences, chemicals, and nutrition. Solazyme is attempting (apparently successfully) to find out every possible use that can be gleaned from algae.

Considering that most of the earth is covered in water, and their products so far have been proven to lessen the human carbon footprint, there are a lot of investors rooting for Solazyme to succeed in changing the oil and food industry with their green alternative.

So how does it taste?

According to Bryan Walsh from Time magazine, algae milk is “”color of new butter and tastes almost as good – creamy and sweet, like a liquid pudding.”

It has a creamy consistency but not the pure white appearance of dairy milk. The main draw of this new product is what it does not have.

Algae milk is 100% free of dairy, soy, lactose, and nuts. It does offer plant proteins, fiber, and omega 3, 6 and 9. This new product is ideal for people on restricted diets due to health or lifestyle choices.

It may actually end up being the richest tasting diet foods ever released. In fact, these new algae products may turn the idea of healthy eating on its head.

After all, it is not much of a chore when the taste of healthy foods are better than that of their fatty counterparts.

Where can I get some?

Right now the algae milk is not available at your local grocery store. Also, Solazyme will not be producing the milk itself.There is no word yet on the exact company who will release the algae milk. People on low fat, or health restricted diets will be waiting to get their hands on some, if it tastes as good as the initial reports have stated.

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