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Legs From Hell: Simple Squat Hacks (Part 2)

October 28, 2015


Legs are usually the hardest part of your body to build muscle, right? No worries. Here we have a killer leg program called “Legs From Hell” that will boost your leg muscles in no time.

Last time we’ve covered Full Squat and Frequency, today we are talking Lifting methods.

Hack 3 – Using Advanced Lifting Methods

There’s nothing better for building muscle than extending your set. Using lower weights than what is the norm for muscle building programs is fine, but in those cases you need to double the reps.

This is why muscle & Strength magazine came up with this advanced lifting method. Check it out!

The exercise is called “1.5 Reps” and it focuses on strengthening and pumping up the quadriceps.

In order to do just that you will have to make them work overtime, while your knees will be going through a double extension.

“Slowly lower yourself to full depth once, and ascend to the halfway point in your squat. Pause, and lower yourself once more to the bottom, and then proceed to explode to the top.”

What you’ve just read is only 1 rep. The trick is to perform sets of 6 – 8 reps using this method, only then will your quads be pumping properly.

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