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Legs From Hell: Simple Squat Hacks (Part 1)

October 27, 2015


Legs are usually the hardest part of your body to build muscle, right? No worries. Here we have a killer leg program called “Legs From Hell” that will boost your leg muscles in no time.

We are starting off with simple squat hacks that will definitely help maximize your results.

Hack 1 – Full Squat

Although this one should go without saying, some people still don’t know they should squat for full rom.

Make sure you squat the deepest squat range you can. Only this will you get the most of your effort.

Don’t cut your range short, or you will basically do nothing in the build muscle department. If you have trouble with this, ask someone to show you how to improve your full range before starting the whole leg program.

Hack 2 – Frequency

Make sure you squat every day. Yes, you heard me right – every day. Finish each workout, even the ones that don’t involve legs, with a squat variation. If possible, perform single and double rep sets, going up for the maximum effort for the day.

Of course, make sure you don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t strive to do your max weight while you’re finishing a day with a squat session. That would just be impossible. Instead, go with the easy-session mode.

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