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How To Stop And Avoid Cramps While Running

November 6, 2015


Cramps are not only annoying, – they can get pretty nasty as well. Imagine getting your running game on while enjoying our surroundings, when all of a sudden, your muscles start clenching.

This happens to a lot of people, sometimes even more than once during one run, and it can really ruin the whole thing.

However, with these few tricks and tips, you can stop them effectively and easily in no time, or even better – avoid them all together.

Muscle Cramps

These cramps usually occur if you’re dehydrated. Therefore, before going for a run, be sure to drink even more water than you usually do.

Side Cramps

Side cramps strike you in the side or in the lower abdominal area, and they usually affect beginner runners. They are usually the result of shallow breathing (not breathing deeply from the lower lung). This is the body’s way of letting you know that you’re not breathing properly for that kind of exercise.

It’s pretty straightforward how you can avoid side cramps: take deep lung breaths. The surest way of knowing you’re breathing properly is by placing your hand on your stomach – if you’re breathing deeply from your lower lungs, your stomach should rise and fall.

Stomach Cramps

This kind of cramp is also related to your breathing habit, but it could also be caused by something you drank or ate before going for a run. Pay close attention to what you eat before our workout.

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